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My Story of Paying Off 13 Credit Cards and Becoming Debt-Free

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Learn how one woman's journey through credit card debt led her to financial freedom. Follow her story of trial and error, overcoming natural disaster, and finding the tools to consolidate debt and become debt-free.

My name is Kimberly, and I am a technology teacher turned business and finance educator. With my planning and organizational skills and new found love of personal finance, my goal is to share my story and incorporate my passions to create products that can be helpful to others.


  • Notebooks/Journals

  • Physical Planners [Coming Soon]

  • Personal Finance Digital Printables

  • Productivity Digital Printables

  • Video Content Creation

  • Freelance Services

  • Online Courses [Coming Soon]

6 Ways I Improved My Life Financially

Since the passing of my mother in 2018, I have really focused on the concept of financial freedom and "unlearning" bad financial habits and "relearning" the proper way to prosper financially in order to manifest a life that I love. To do this, I've completely changed my mindset and priorities in my life. Watch my video below to learn about the six ways I improved my life financially.

  • Paying Off Debt

  • Establishing Sinking Funds

  • Tracking My Spending

  • Building A Checking Account Cushion

  • Setting My Bills on AutoPay (to Credit Cards)

  • Learning New Skills: Reading & Watching YouTube Videos

  • Money Diary [available on Amazon]

Debt Tracker Digital Download | FREE!

If you are looking for a visual printable to track your debt payoff journey, click the button below to grab the freebie in my SHOP!


Q1: What kind of products does Kimberly offer? A1: Kimberly offers a variety of products including notebooks/journals, physical planners (coming soon), personal finance digital printables, productivity digital printables, video content creation, freelance services, and online courses (coming soon).

Q2: How did Kimberly improve her life financially? A2: Kimberly improved her life financially by implementing six key strategies: paying off debt, establishing sinking funds, tracking her spending, building a checking account cushion, setting her bills on autopay (to credit cards), and learning new skills through reading and watching YouTube videos. She shares more details about these strategies in a video that can be watched below her introductory text.

Q3: What is a sinking fund? A3: A sinking fund is a type of savings account where a person sets aside money each month to save up for a specific future expense, such as a vacation or a down payment on a car. By saving a little bit at a time, the person is able to avoid taking on debt for the expense when it comes due.

Q4: What is autopay? A4: Autopay is a feature offered by many banks and credit card companies that allows customers to set up automatic payments for their bills. This means that the payment is automatically deducted from the customer's account on the due date, eliminating the need to remember to make the payment manually each month.

Q5: What is a money diary? A5: A money diary is a tool that can help individuals track their spending and gain a better understanding of their financial habits. Kimberly offers a money diary product on Amazon, which can be used to log daily expenses and income and create a budget based on that information.


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